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**SPRING 2021 UPDATE** We’re building a Broader Impacts Database (BIDB) by collecting outreach, diversity, and education success stories and new ideas from people like you. You can easily help us build this community resource by contributing!

The BIDB will:

  • Provide examples of successful projects and best practices in Broader Impacts for the geoscience community;
  • Provide a repository for promising – but unfunded – Broader Impacts ideas submitted by community members, where others may discover new ideas and collaborators, for the mutual benefit of both; and
  • Document the Broader Impacts products of the community, with the goal of providing academic credit for these products. (Similar to recognition of peer reviews through Publons, or Data Citations that advance CV credit for use of one’s datasets by other researchers.)

We encourage any researcher who is interested to submit an entry HERE.


**JANUARY 2021 UPDATE** Click HERE to learn more about our four-part virtual All Hands Meeting held from December 2020-January 2021.


**AUGUST 2020 UPDATE** Click below to learn more about the Continental Scientific Drilling August 2020 meeting.


The following two page priority documents were first drafted at our November 2017 Community Priorities and Planning Workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Broader Impacts: Diversity and Inclusion

Broader Impacts: Education and Outreach

Geochronology: Toward a 4D Digital Earth

Grand Challenges in Continental Drilling

Grand Challenges in Cyberinfrastructure

Grand Challenges in Earth Life Transitions and Geochemistry

Grand Challenges in Paleobiology

Grand Challenges in Paleoclimatology

Grand Challenges in Sedimentology and Stratigraphy