EarthRates ’20-’21 virtual All Hands meeting

A 5-part virtual All Hands meeting in December 2020 and January 2021.

High-level agenda:

Date and time Focus
Friday December 4th, 3-5pm EST Welcome and Overview

Breakouts: Evaluate

Friday January 8th, 3-5pm EST Breakouts: Prioritize
Friday January 15th, 3-5pm EST Breakouts: Strategize
Friday January 22nd, 3-5pm EST Breakouts: Implement
Friday January 29th, 3-5pm EST Breakouts: Execute


There are three main goals for the 2020 EarthRates All Hands Meeting, which are to:

  1. Review the recent National Academies report, A Vision for NSF Earth Sciences 2020-2030: Earth in Time,
  2. Assess our current activities in relation to the priorities and recommendations outlined in the report,
  3. Determine opportunities for the EarthRates community moving forward.


Deliverables: All attendees will help match current and planned activities with the Earth in Time report and make an implementation plan.


Stay information about these meetings: All meeting information will be archived. For updates and more information:

  1. visit this webpage often,
  2. follow our YouTube channel, and
  3. connect to our Zenodo community.


For more information: If interested in participating in our All Hands meetings, email


Attendees (as of 11/25/2020):

First name Last name Affiliation Website link
Will Amidon
Kevin Anchukiatis
Gail Ashley
Meghan Balk
Annie Bauer
Kathy Benison
Emily Beverly
Tripti Bhattacharya
Paul Bierman
Maarten Blaauw
Gabriel Bowen
Latisha Brengman
Julie Brigham-Grette
Ellie Broadman
Erik Brown
Alan Carroll
Kari Cooper
Sarah Crump
Ellen Currano
Laura DeMott
Dan Deocampo
Mike Eddy
Julien Emile-Geay
Athena Eyster
Doug Fils
Becky Flowers
Brady Foreman
Julie Fosdick
David Fox
Margaret Fraiser
George Gehrels
Jacquelyn Gill
Simon Goring
Dulcinea Groff
Chrissy Hall
Howard Harper
Aubrey Hillman
Melanie Hopkins
Michael Hren
Ethan Hyland
Daniel Ibarra
Brian Jicha
Kathleen Johnson
Leila Joyce Seals
Sarah Kansa
Jenn Kasbohm
Darrell Kaufman
Natalie Kehrwald
Brenhin Keller
Matthew Kirby
Adriane Lam
Kerstin Lehnert
Tim Lyons
Anita Marshall
Noah McClean
David McGee
Jenny McGuire
Noah McLean
Emily Mixon
Isabel Montañez
Leah Morgan
Roland Mundil
Amy Myrbo
Anders Noren
Jonathan Obrist Farner
Paul Olsen
Lisa Park Boush
Shanan Peters
Misty Porter
Daven Quinn
Nathan Rabideaux
Paul Renne
Alan Rooney
James Russell
Mark Schmitz
Blair Schoene
Adrianne Seiden
Jocelyn Sessa
Warren Sharp
Brad Singer
Lynn Soreghan
Courtney Sprain
Alycia Stigall
Basil Tikoff
Melissa Tremblay
Aradhna Tripati
Mark Uhen
Doug Walker
Jack Williams
Peg Yacobucci
Andrew Zaffos
Ilya Zaslavsky