Drilling Deeper for Connections Between Environmental Change and Evolution workshop

Dates: April 20th-22nd, 2018
Conveners: Hamilton College; Clinton, NY
Conveners: Catherine Beck and Craig Feibel
Participants: Catherine Beck, Melissa Berke, Craig Feibel, Sonia Harmand, Tom Johnson, Kyalo Manthi, Isaiah Nengo, Anders Noren, Bob Raynolds, Stephen Rucina, Chris Scholz, Chad Yost
Sponsor: EarthRates

Read more about the inspiration for this workshop through Hamilton College's website.

Join the workshop! Follow this link to the Zoom Meeting which will be live on Saturday, April 21st from 8am-4pm EST and Sunday April 22nd from 8:30-3:00pm: https://hamilton.zoom.us/j/654314262

Here is a link to Saturday and Sunday's agenda.


Student participant feedback

The workshop also gave me the chance to observe how a conference like this works. We had researchers present from a variety of disciplines, from archaeology to paleontology to structural and sedimentary geology. It was very interesting to hear everyone’s ideas and opinions throughout the workshop, especially since everyone had a slightly different focus within this proposed drilling project. It was nice to see everyone work together and share thoughts specific to their discipline. It reminded me of my classes here at a liberal arts college, where I can engage in discussion with classmates who have a different major or focus.

Overall, I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to volunteer and help out throughout the workshop. It was very interesting to see how discussions and the workshop progressed throughout the weekend as the group was able to narrow down their goals and come to an agreement. I also felt as though I learned more about the region and about the drilling process.

- Margaret O’Brien, ‘17

Being around professionals from different areas of geosciences and listening to their contributions to the workshop, I was thrilled to see how collaboration to solve a modern real-world situation looks like. I enjoyed listening to their well-thought questions and ideas. Their great interest for studying Turkana's past environments made me excited and anxious to find my own passion in the geosciences. Overall, the Turkana Basin workshop was a great learning experience.

- John Dennis, ‘19


Read more about this workshop in this short report.