Amy Myrbo

University of Minnesota

Dr. Amy Myrbo is a Research Associate and Director of Outreach, Diversity, and Education at LacCore/CSDCO and the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Her research centers on lake sediment biogeochemistry and sedimentology, and branches out into work with Native American natural resource managers on the histories and present conditions of wild rice lakes, with Watershed Districts and agencies on the “neopaleolimnology” of urban lakes, and with undergraduate student researchers on cores from lakes all over the place. She is lead PI of the NSF-funded Flyover Country mobile app for geoscience, which visualizes data from multiple EarthCube repositories for airplane passengers, road-trippers, hikers, and armchair explorers. By far her most important work is on broadening participation in the geosciences. In the few hours each week when she’s not working, Amy reads, gardens, and works on her Spanish.

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